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This section includes all self-defence courses for private citizens, both unarmed and against armed attack, in cars, and in other specific conditions. The courses are addressed to people who wish to acquire sufficient skills to guarantee their own safety and that of their loved ones. In addition, these courses are especially indicated for those who wish to gain familiarity with the topic with minimal prior experience.

Courses for Private Citizens:

– Self defence
– Self-defence techniques for women: anti-aggression, anti-rape, anti-mugging
– Defence against knife attack
– Defence against firearms for private citizens
– Home defence
– Defence of other persons
– Defence with everyday objects and makeshift weapons/improvised weapons
– Breathing techniques for energy recovery and stress management, autogenic training and meditation



Personal Defense (Theoretical / Practical)

Derived from most
effective military combat techniques and adapted to the defense needs for civilians, develops techniques and tactics on the ground and on the ground, based on the natural reflexes of the body using the instantaneous shock of the ATP (Attack.Tactical.Points) against threats and aggressions of various kinds.

Defense for Women, Anti-Rape Anti-Aggression Techniques (Theoretical / Practical)

A truly
specific and effective program, the result of years of study and research on what really works in real dangerous situations when a woman has to defend herself against stronger and more dangerous aggressors having a few hours of training to train.

Defense against weapons, knife, stick, etc ... (practical)

Learn how to manage stress and emotions to react when our lives are in danger by delinquents armed with a knife, stick, gun and other objects capable of offending.

Defense in the Car (Theoretical / Practical)

The correct safety procedures for entering and exiting the vehicle, the defense techniques inside the passenger compartment in a context that affects everyone on a daily basis.



Use of pepper spray in defense (theoretical / practical)

Like all defense tools, it is essential to know them well, to know their use, how they work and how they should be kept. This course is intended to provide all participants
the knowledge and skills needed to act safely and promptly.         

Third Person Defense (family members, etc ...) (Theoretical / Practical)

Protecting your loved ones or another person as well as yourself is sometimes instinctive but you need to do it correctly without improvising using prevention techniques, accompanying procedures and safety.

Defense with Common Objects = Improvised Weapons (Theoretical / Practical)

Acquire the mentality that every object in the environment or accessory that we wear or have available can be improvised and used as a weapon to defend itself.


Security and Personal Protection Movements and
Fall techniques (Theoretical / Practical)

Knowing how to defend yourself is important, but also knowing how to move. It is essential to teach our body how to move. The training program provides specific knowledge
regarding movements and falls of various kinds, in any circumstances, so as to always be efficient, limiting the possibility of collateral damage to a minimum both during training and in real life.

Mobility, Flexibility, Posture, Sensory Enhancement (Theoretical / Practical)

Structural restoration exercises. Movements to loosen and relax the body. Exercises for psycho-physical conditioning. Exercises for developing the sensitivity of the


Breathing-Energy Recovery Techniques, Stress Management and Emotion Control (Theoretical / Practical)

Breathing techniques for energy recovery. Study of the connection between breathing, relaxation and movement. Static and dynamic exercises. The course program will allow the participant to gradually increase the basic skills to recognize their current level of psychological, physical and technical skills and to constantly evaluate their improvement. Each meeting will also provide specific skills to control body and emotions (fear, anxiety, anger) in conditions of moderate stress, to face and manage difficult situations, improve health and safeguard one's own
safety to be able to apply the necessary defense techniques decisively. Suitable for all categories of people, both children and adults.



Autogenic Training and Meditation (Theoretical / Practical)                  

Autogenic training can be defined as the western way to meditation. Some people undoubtedly find it difficult to create within their minds the emptiness that practice requires, therefore Autogenic Training offers a guided path in which the wisdom of the body always emerges. After being in a state of relaxation, we focus on the various bodily organs, trying to feel them more with perception and intuition than with mental effort, and we let emerge the sensations, memories and images that are solicited . In this way we learn that we can meditate not only with the head, but also with the heart, lungs, belly and all the functions
vital. So learn to relax and concentrate deeply, become aware of breathing and correct posture. Meditation, on the other hand, is an instrument of change because it puts us back in touch with our vital energy. Meditation techniques combined with sound can help our brain relax and reach deep states of meditation much more easily and quickly.
The course is suitable for everyone; teenagers, young people and adults who want to increase their mental performance for sport, study, to learn how to manage their thoughts and emotions, to improve emotional stability, to develop willpower, ability to concentrate and of learning.

Registration mode:

The topics described above are organized in Introductory and post-graduate courses:: they can always be organized both weekly and on weekends.                      

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