By means of Security Managers and international experts, Black Eagle Security offers a wide range of all-round consultancy services for personal security, corporate security and strategic planning.

Our aim is to manage security through correct prevention at various levels (Risk Analysis, Business Intelligence, Strategic Analysis, ...) thereby assuring a significant reduction of the risks arising from external and internal threats.

The experience of our staff and constant training of our personnel and security advisors have allowed us to forge partnerships in various parts of the world to provide expert services with the support of foreign collaborations.

Risk Analysis, Risk Management and Risk Assestment

Mediante l’ausilio di team specializzati di Security Advisors la Black Eagle Security si occupa di fornire consulenze private per l’analisi dei rischi rivolti a strutture, persone ed in occasione di eventi specifici. Si offrono anche consulenze in materia di gestione dei rischi e predisposizione di contromisure attive e passive.

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